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   Basic Operations Course Rope


Department of Rope Access FRDDisaster in agreement with the Australian Rope Access Association - araa was formed to provide the oil and gas industry construction techniques of rope access standards as regulated by NFPA 1670.




This course is intended for anyone who uses access by vertical ropes systems in order to perform work industrial type, maintenance and structural inspections on artificial surfaces. This course provides candidates with the theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge and skills to use rope access systems to perform a series of tasks in accordance with Australian standards and Workplace Health and Safety Guidelines.



Students must have a minimum of 18 years old Students should have First Aid Course - 20 hours minimum Students need an adequate level of fitness



The Basic Course for Industrial Rope Access is delivered over 3 days. Training and Assessment will consist of both theoretical and practical components.


LIMITS OF VACANCIES: 10 minimum and 15 maximum

PRICE: 299 US$ (includes manual and accreditation) Recertification: Required every three years.


                      COURSE PROGRAM

1. Theory

2. National and international legislation

3. Australian Standards - Australian Rope Access Association - ARAa 

4. Risk Management

5. Technical Equipment

6. We and Anchoring techniques for all systems

7. Distribution Systems mechanical strength

8. Equipment selection, use and care.

9. Systems technical rigging and operation

10. Rescue rope access systems

11. Planning and logistics.



    Rescue  Operator Rope Access

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