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First Aid and CPR

First Aid & CPR


     Certification course you will learn how to properly perform CPR in infants, children and adults, best practices in choking, drowning, trauma, hypothermia and electroshock. You will also learn the proper use of the automated external defibrillator (AED).

     First Aid CPR end this training combination is designed to enable students to have an easy option of learning.

     The program helps develop knowledge of basic first aid, CPR skills, AED, such training is consistent with the recommendations of best practices National First Aid Science Advisory Board, AHA and Red Cross eto first aid training programs in the workplace.


                             Target audience
People requiring qualification
Health student;

Rescue operators;


All interested in specializing.

Performance evaluation: All students must have the skills competently without assistance.



                       important Considerations
Recognized certification period up to 2 years
Recommended time to complete:
Initial training: 12/16 hours (all ages)


Hours: 16 hours



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