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Confined Space Rescue and Safety

Confined Space Rescue and Safety

First Response Disaster International's hands-on rescue course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to identify hazards generated in a confined space in the industrial environment. Rescue operators must be able to recognize, assess and develop a rescue plan when responding to this type of emergency. This program is based on NFPA 1006 (Standard for Professional Qualifications of Technical Rescue Personnel).

Combining classroom instruction, equipment demonstrations, and hands-on field training, this course will provide participants with the skills necessary to effect a safe and timely rescue of an injured or incapacitated worker in a confined space situation.

The following topics will be covered during the course of the program:


• Confined spaces in an industrial environment

• Applicable NFPA standards that affect rescue operations

• Hazards in confined spaces, both physical and atmospheric

• Emergency protocols, sizing and assessment when responding to a confined space rescue.

• Knots and Ties.

• Mechanical advantage

• Instruction with rescue components, including hardware, harnesses, tripods, davit arms, etc.

• Instruction with applicable confined space equipment, including gas detection, air monitoring, ventilation equipment, life lanyards and harnesses, etc.

• Practical instruction on lifting and lowering systems

•         Individual protection equipment.

• Emergency patient care

• Representative rescue exercises with full participation

This course meets the SS568:2011 requirement for salvaging provisions when working in confined spaces and tunnels.


Duration of the course

10 hours (including practical and written assessment)


course fees

1 day course: S$30 per participant

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