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Course Objectives

This is a basic course designed to train international participants on the tactics and performing techniques of rescue operations and rescue Urban settings (USE). At the end of the course, participants should be able to: Explain the concepts and principles of management and treatment of rescue operations in environments USE · Conduct rescue missions professionally in various rescue scenarios · Demonstrate a high level of proficiency rescue skills and equipment.

Course Summary and Methodology
During the scenarios safety approved equipment is worn examples: helmets, dust-masks, goggles and gloves.

Topics include:

   Operations Principles  - USAR

   1- Search and Rescue Techniques

   2- Rescue Fundamentals of Structural Collapsed

   3- Confined Space Rescue

   4- Rope systems

   5-Anchor systems

   6- Height Rescue

   The participants will recognize:

  Search team composition and preparation
   Essential safety equipment
  Duties of team members
  Communication techniques between team members
  Techniques of safe search

  Rescue and Exercise Scenarios


Light urban search and rescue course
Light urban search and rescue course
Light urban search and rescue course
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The staff who have acquired relevant basic level of training in the USAR, and are dealing with urban disaster management · Rescuers and firefighters who are involved in operations USAR

    Class size:
 Minimum 18 persons - maximum 24 persons
All information and training courses will be in the accredited centers of the host country.
     Certificate Rescue Urban Course
Light urban search and rescue course
Light urban search and rescue course

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