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Agency Specialist in search and rescue that aims to train teams in the areas of rescue - SAR, Confined Spaces, First Aid and PreHospital emergency.


Course FRD

  •   Course Confined Space Rescue;

  •   Angle Rescue Course Grande;

  •   Course Urban Search and Rescue - Master and Plus;

  •   Course instructor Urban Search and Rescue - Master and Plus;

  •   Instructor First Aid and CPR;

  •   Security and Rope Operations;

  •   Primary Care Emegency Course Instructor.


Disaster preparedness and recovery planning is designed to reduce disruption of essential services when an emergency situation. Emergency communications planning is a key component of any disaster plan. Disaster plans should be flexible enough to be tailored to specific emergencies.

The following guidelines are intended to help first responders to ensure continuity of operations and manage the security and operability of systems and communications networks during emergencies. You may voluntarily opt to use these guidelines to develop, improve and expand its emergency preparedness and disaster, response and recovery current plans to build on a broader strategic approach to its global emergency communications plans.

In formulating their plans, the goal is to develop and implement strategies to ensure the continued operation of the facility, before, during and after an incident. Thus, the key steps are preparation, response and recovery from the incident command system.

Main goal
We are a diverse group of Urban Search and Rescue Specialists who respond when activated during local, state, and national disaster emergencies. We protect and save lives, providing search, rescue, risk mitigation and medical care to those in need.

General objective
Members of this task force work together to provide a safe, efficient, and cost-effective Urban Search and Rescue Program that will address and provide hope to families and their


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