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   Technical Rope Rescue Operations



Australian Rope Access Association- araA

NFPA -1006 , 1670

Core operations and training FRDDisaster





DESCRIPTION: The curriculum meets and exceeds the training requirements of the General Chapter , in accordance with NFPA 1670 and NFPA 1006 standard " Standard for Rescue Technician Professional Qualifications of Australian Rope Access Association"


OBJECTIVES :To provide students with the skills needed to perform safely and technical rope rescue efficiency in urban and industrial environments and ensure the contest of international certifications .


Warning : To be NFPA 1670 compliant , certified personnel to the level of operations must be supervised by a team leader certifed Rope Rescue Technician - Technician Level.


Details Duration: 3 days (24 hours)


Format : classroom one day, two days in field locations outdoorsParticipants: 10 minimum . 14 Max .

Price: $ 1300 ( includes manual and accreditation )

Recertification: required every three years .Prerequisites :

Biggest age 18


In good physical condition

Equipment that will be used in the course:Class III harness full body or separate chest and sit harness (included in the course price).1. Climbing helmet (included in the course price )2 . Sturdy boots ( boots are fine)3 . Pants made of durable material4 . Gloves with leather palms ( work gloves are fine)




  1. Environments wide angle

  2. Environmental differences

  3. Equipment intervention in rescue operations

  4. Strings , characteristics and resistance .

  5. Tapes , characteristics and resistance .

  6. Techniques execution of main nodes and support

  7. Rules and regulations of the intervention equipment

  8. Legislation and regulationsTechnical progression ,

  9. natural and artificial structural moorings .

  10. Technical ascent and descent Downhill dynamic rope Inversion Equipment

  11. Extension Stringanti-return system

  12. Technical and System gearing single and double strength

  13. Technical recovery Operations Maca vertically and horizontally

  14. Technical Rescue triangle with evacuation

  15. Assembling the ziplineTechnical evacuation of the victim,

  16. with and without controlled descent

  17. Technical safety and hygiene in salvage operations

  18. general safety procedures and operating microscope for rescue equipment .






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